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I would not wish this grief and pain upon my worst enemy, and needless to say any caring parent, grandparent or sibling. I can’t even begin to fathom the pain a tragic loss such as this has on a parent, sibling or grandparent, but do know you will find the strength to get through this.
My youngest daughter, Tara, and Hailie’s older sister, Savannah, were pretty much inseparable during elementary school and perhaps into middle school. Their Grandma, Claudia, lived in the cul-de-sac and life was good. I always had a yard or house full of kids here, by preference, and Hailie was always minutes (if not seconds) behind her big sister in ringing the doorbell or chiming the backyard fence bell. I don’t think Vannah could have slipped away in full camo.
She was a little 3’2” firecracker back then. Always enthusiastic and full of life is an understatement, with an insatiable need to be beside her big sister 24/7, regardless of the consequences and rebuttal the older kids would ...
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